Yada Yah

Volume 1: In the Beginning

Why Are We Here?


Hayah – Existence

Call me Yada. I am going to serve as your guide throughout our voyage of discovery. As we embark on our journey, you should know that I am an irrelevant character. This story is not about me. It is about Yahowah, and understanding the means to engage in a relationship with Him.

If your mind is open, and if you are willing to let go of the myths which permeate our world, you are on the cusp of engaging in life’s greatest and most rewarding adventure. The universe we are going to explore is extraordinary, well beyond anything you may have imagined. And while the map to this magnificent realm has been available for a very long time, barely one in a million people have capitalized upon it. Very few individuals have gone where we are going – which is to meet God.

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