Notes for Exodus 39:1LEB

This chapter also will be almost identical to the instructions given earlier, with a few changes along the way.


Notes for Exodus 39:3LEB

The verb is the infinitive that means "to do, to work." It could be given a literal rendering: "to work [them into] the blue…." Weaving or embroidering is probably what is intended.


Notes for Exodus 39:5LEB

"from it" or the same.


Notes for Exodus 39:6LEB

Or "as seals are engraved."


The twelve names were those of Israel’s sons. The idea was not the remembrance of the twelve sons as such, but the twelve tribes that bore their names.


Notes for Exodus 39:7LEB

Or "attached."


Notes for Exodus 39:10LEB

That is, they set in mountings.


Notes for Exodus 39:14LEB

The phrase "the number of" has been supplied.


Notes for Exodus 39:16LEB

Here "upper" has been supplied.


Notes for Exodus 39:18LEB

Here "other" has been supplied.


Notes for Exodus 39:19LEB

Here "other" has been supplied.


"homeward side."


Notes for Exodus 39:20LEB

Here "more" has been supplied.


Notes for Exodus 39:24LEB

The word is simply "twined" or "twisted." It may refer to the twisted linen that so frequently is found in these lists; or, it may refer to the yarn twisted. The LXX reads "fine twined linen." This is not found in the text of Exod 28:33LEB, except in Smr and LXX.


Notes for Exodus 39:26LEB

The words "there was" are supplied in the translation for stylistic reasons.


The infinitive "to minister" is present; "to be used" is supplied from the context.


Notes for Exodus 39:32LEB

The last sections of the book bring several themes together to a full conclusion. Not only is it the completion of the tabernacle, it is the fulfillment of Yahweh’s plan revealed at the beginning of the book, i.e., to reside with his people.


Notes for Exodus 39:34LEB

See the note on this phrase in Exod 25:5LEB.


Or "shielding" (NIV); NASB "the screening veil."


Notes for Exodus 39:37LEB

Possibly meaning "pure gold lampstand."


Notes for Exodus 39:40LEB

"utensils, vessels."


Notes for Exodus 39:41LEB

The form is the infinitive construct; it means the clothes to be used "to minister" in the Set-a-Part place.


Notes for Exodus 39:43LEB

Or "examined" (NASB, TEV); NCV "looked closely at."


The deictic particle draws attention to what he saw in such a way as to give the reader Moses’ point of view and a sense of his pleasure: "and behold, they…"


The situation and wording in Exod 39:43LEB are reminiscent of Gen 1:28-31LEB, with the motifs of blessing people and inspecting what has been made.